I am woman. Let me clean.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately.

Not because my brain has stopped processing…

Not because I just don’t have the time…

Maybe it’s writer’s block.  If you can call feeling insecure about my passion to expose an oppressive religious culture…a block.

Being that I AM a part of The Church, I encounter a lot of Defenders of the Church.  I don’t have that conviction.  Maybe I am obligated to “cover” the Church…but I have no conviction to “cover for” the Church.

So that is where my insecurity lies.  My obsession to expose the hurtful natures and practices that have crept into a Body that calls itself the representation of Christ…is it rooted in love or bitterness and vengeance.  Where does this passion come from?  I know it comes from a place of my own wounding by the Church…but does that automatically categorize my efforts as vengeful or invalid?

Well…I recently read a very short book and listened to the corresponding podcast that has broken this block.  I almost NEVER recommend books in my blog…

“Let Her Lead” by Brady Boyd…it’s a $3.99 E-book…very short…read in one sitting…have your life dramatically encouraged by his poignant address of the role of women in the Church/church and basically in life.

I will most likely be referencing different points he made in the next few blog posts…but today…there is one passage that has shifted my hesitation for writing my passion.  Mind you, this passage comes at the end of the book…after he has quickly and scripturally marked the necessity and verity that God’s plan is for unity and equality of the sexes.

“I’m not playing into stereotypes here; it’s just my humble observation that when they’re operating at their peak, women bring with them wherever they go a sense of civility, a sense of order, a sense of peace. While I may provide our kids a sense of IDENTITY, their STABILITY comes from Pam. Women set the tone of our homes, and even the tone of our world. This is no accident, in my view. Grafted into women’s divine design is the desire to bring forth, to protect, to add civility to this thing called life.

The Church is not lacking in vision or identity.  Walk into a majority of church’s today and you will see at the pulpit men FULL of vision, passionately preaching WHO we are, WHAT we are called to…and programs and classes to teach us all how to fulfill this vision.  But then you look more deeply inside their church…and it’s a mess.


The Church isn’t lacking in vision, it’s lacking in stability.  Could this be because women have been given very little authority within the church?  I know MY heart is to see that churches are safe places, full of love and acceptance and grace (oh great, she’s one of those hyper-grace people)…no, I’m one of those people trying to love the way Jesus did.

Father’s want to spend all their time driving their family to greatness…mother’s JUST WANT TO CLEAN THE HOUSE ALREADY!  Mind you, I know many role reversals here.  Even Matt and I are not true to either one of these “stereotypes.”

The fact is…God is both male and female.  He did not put His most important attributes in males and his “secondary” attributes in females.  Therefore, in order to fully represent HIM, which is the very essence of the Church…the Body of Christ…the attributes of male and female MUST come together in unity and equality.

All that to say…I just want to clean up the house.  I am woman.  Let me clean.

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3 thoughts on “I am woman. Let me clean.

  1. LOVE THIS!! When we don’t let women speak into the difficult areas of the church, i.e. conflict, it sometimes lack grace which leads to stability. Great Word!

  2. Oh My…goodness. “I am women let me clean” perfect title for one of your books Christy. :) You make me smile and laugh and …amen to you dear sister. Even a few tears come as well. Keep going, its all good, and I truly believe God is bringing a clear message that will bring refinement to the Church thats heart and passion of “Mission” and “Missional” just got out of “His” hand. Thank goodness we can’t really screw anything up in the long run…just each other maybe… in the short runs…of our good intentions and natural selfishness along the way. All in all I feel my own great loss from “Church gone south” showing bright signs of victory on a number of fronts. The “gold” (s) from all of this will be revealed at some point.

  3. Ok, I am just bringing this down to my level and into my world so I can consider this in my own reality. In my home my husband is the leader. So if I translated that over to the church, he would still lead. But of course in a greater sense Jesus is my leader. I would prefer our men (men from our families) to “lead” a Fellowship because the True Head of the “Church” is a man (Jesus) and the church is to be a picture of our relationship. What you (and I too) have experienced is not a picture of the relationship. The way you have been treated is not a men vs women in leadership, but people who just want to control and think they know everything. In my experience I do not believe women are more peaceable than men. But in the end, the only way someone can “lead” me is if they are right behind Jesus but ahead of me! But in the race of following Jesus Christy you sometimes are going to pass up people who were once (or you thought were once) ahead of you. You don’t have to push them down on your way past. Just keep running and following Him and you will always be on the right path.

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